Elucidating Concentration-Dependent Energy Limitations in Li Primary Battery Fluoro-organosulfur Catholytes

R. Sevilla, H. Gao, K. J. Steinberg, and B. M. Gallant
Journal of Physical Chemistry C,  2023, DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.2c07659

Fluoro-organosulfur catholytes to boost lithium primary battery energy

H. Gao, A. R. Sevilla, G. M. Hobold, A. M. Melemed, R. Guo, S. C. Jones, and B. M. Gallant
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2022, 119, e2121440119

Quantifying Capacity Loss Mechanisms of Li Metal Anodes beyond Inactive Li°

G. M. Hobold and B. M. Gallant
ACS Energy Letters, 2022, 7, 3458-3466

Probing the Functionality of LiFSI Structural Derivatives as Additives for Li Metal Anodes

K. S. Jiang, G. M. Hobold, R. Guo, K. H. Kim, A. M. Melemed, D. Wang, L. Zuin, and B. M. Gallant
ACS Energy Letters, 2022, 7, 3378-3385

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